Power and Water Monitoring

Wasted Water & Power Cost you $$$s!

Power and Water Monitoring

IRZ's Power Tracking and Water Usage Monitoring program tracks the actual energy cost per increment of water applied to a field.

This gives you cost benefit ratios for irrigation and the ability to make fast, accurate and cost saving decisions about repair, replacement and system management.

Monitor your:

  • irrigations system's monthly energy use;
  • system's monthly irrigation water pumped;
  • monthly irrigation water applied to each field;
  • cost per acre-inch of water applied

Tracking Gross Irrigation versus Estimated Crop Water Requirements is an excellent way of ensuring the efficient use of irrigation water and electrical energy.

Through our secure website we provide you valuable data for each field including: hours of operation; calculated irrigation applied; measured irrigation applied; crop ET; and, rain establishing benchmarks for total water to be applied for the season.