25 Years of Professional Commitment to Resource Management & Eco-Stewardship


IRZ Consulting has been combining world-class water resource engineering with state-of-the-art technologically advanced irrigation, resource management (water, power and human) and conservation services to our clients.

IRZ Consulting is a pioneer in deploying secure web-based information system solutions providing clients with "real time," accurate and critical water resource & irrigation information. IRZ uses advanced technology satellite monitoring, high resolution digital aerial infrared, neutron probes and sophisticated web-based capabilities to provide our clients with real-time crop information via our special, password-protected section on our website.

Historically, IRZ Consulting clients have consistently realized increased yields of 11 - 13% savings, on average, in energy costs and at least 10%, or more, in water conservation through IRZ's climatologically based information & decision-making tools. IRZ's water management systems and "green" practices protect groundwater and surface water and promote good stewardship of natural resources